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The booming industries of fashion, television, and advertisement are opening up huge opportunities for modelling careers. With the right attitude and skills, there is a good chance that you can crack an actor’s role for a movie or television as well.

The modelling career is very glamorous and lucrative. Still, it would help if you had a great sense of professionalism, good networking skills and patience. You might not get the desired opportunities initially, but that’s how things work. You have to start small, just like the models now known in Hollywood.

Getting into modelling in the present times might seem hard due to the level of competition. But the handholding support from Impact Models, an agency that manages modelling in Manchester, can do wonders for your career.

Just like any other career, you need a mentor in modelling who knows the ins and outs of the industry so that you can polish your skills accordingly. Our experts at Impact Models will act as your mentor if you struggle to make a way through modelling. Get in touch with us and leverage your chances of getting noticed.

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Model Management Services in Manchester

With so many aspirants in line, getting to the spotlight as a model becomes challenging if you aren’t part of any model management community. At Impact Models, we help aspiring models like you realise their dream of a modelling career through our modelling management in Manchester.

Numerous aspiring models have become the face of brands with our expert guidance. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and know our job well. Our team of model talent management will supervise you at every level, from developing an excellent portfolio to walking a runway. They will spill the secrets you need to know to thrive in this competitive career.

Want to become a part of our male model management or female model management community? We will help you find the right agency or brand you can work with. Submit your details with us, and let’s work on your dream together.

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become a fashion model UK
fashion model UK

How to Become a Model in Manchester

Do people often suggest that you get into modelling? Have you got the knack but need direction? Or you might already be interested in modelling but don’t know how to become a model. You can never stop admiring this glamorous world of fashion and modelling. But to be a part of it, you need support.

Though some brands and agencies still follow the age-old pattern of choosing models based on their height and structure, things are changing. If you’re a male and are 6’1, you can easily become a male model for a runway. The height requirement would be 5’8 if you want to become a female model. With the growing popularity of the teen and kids fashion industry, suitable models are always in demand.

But the path to reach your desired place becomes quite difficult without the proper support and guidance. If you have this in the back of your mind, “I want to become a model one day”, don’t let it sit there to become a reality on its own. Take your first step and connect with Impact Models. Who knows, you could steal the spotlight at some show.

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Steps to Become a Model in Manchester

Steps to Become a Model in Manchester


Choose What Type of Modelling You Would Like to Do:

Figure out if you’re interested in commercial modelling, fashion modelling, plus-size modelling, fitness modelling, body-part modelling or any other form of modelling.

Prepare and Practise Living As a Model:

Work on your grooming and manage your diet and lifestyle. This is a non-negotiable part when you’re trying to become a model. Install a full-length mirror at home and practise various modelling movements and poses in front of it.

Build Your Attractive Portfolio:

Get some professional photos taken by photographers who specialise in portfolio photoshoots. You will get full support from our expert team in this part. We provide terrific portfolio management services in Manchester to get you the right amount of exposure.

Join a Trusted Modelling Agency:

Beware of scams and join a genuine modelling agency that works with different industry professionals and brands. The agency will help you get regular gigs.

Leverage Your Social Media:

Be active on social media and keep posting your photos. This increases your chances of getting in the eyes of your potential clients. If your profile grabs their attention, they will reach out to you to promote their products.

Expand Your Network:

Connect with other people in the industry, like other models, photographers, stylists and experts. Attend all the modelling calls and model searches, but don’t get disappointed if you aren’t selected. You might hear a lot of ‘nos’ before you get a ‘yes’.


Apply to become a Model in Manchester

So, are you ready to bring your dream of modelling to life? Apply to become a model with Impact Models and find the way to endless opportunities. Our team of professionals and fashion specialists will guide you at each step to ensure that you are seen and your goals are achieved.

If you aspire to become a male, female or kid model, we will help you polish your potential and get you discovered. Don’t let this chance slip away because the Manchester fashion runway is waiting for you. Get in touch with us today and begin your journey into the glamourous modelling world.

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